Curator's Choice - Uckers Cup

Uckers cup
Uckers Cup

This trophy was presented to Stoker F Evans of HMS Taku in 1944 for winning an Uckers competition. It is made out of an old 'Ideal' milk tin mounted on a stem made from a nut and bolt. The brass plate on the front is stamped 'UCKERS CHAMPS'.

Uckers game and cup

Uckers is a traditional naval game, and is an advanced form of Ludo. It is played with 2 dice instead of one, and with 2 teams of 2 players instead of individual players. There was not room on board to enjoy much recreation, so submariners would play Uckers to pass the long watch hours along with other games such as cribbage, dominoes, cards and chess. A winner of one of these games would make a hero of even the lowest rank on board.

Uckers on an L class submarine
Uckers on board an L class submarine

Hobbies and games of submariners have changed very little throughout the years, and Uckers is still enjoyed aboard submarines today.

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