Curator's Choice - Periscope from HMS E11

Damaged periscope of HMS E11This is the main search periscope from HMS E11 which was commissioned in 1914. The top section of the periscope was pierced by a Turkish shell during her first patrol in the Sea of Marmara May 1915. This was part of the Dardenelles campaign which sought to attack the Turkish line of supply across the Sea of Marmara and take control of Constantinople Harbour.

E11 penetrated Constantinople Harbour and torpedoed the steamer 'Istanbul'. For this patrol the entire crew of HMS E11 was decorated, each receiving a Distinguished Service Medal. The commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Martin Nasmith was awarded the Victoria Cross and promoted to Commander.

During her first patrol E11 sank a total of 1 gunboat, 1 naval auxiliary and 4 steamships between 19 May 1915 and 8 June 1915.

Damaged periscope of HMS E11            






Damage to the periscope as seen from the submarine

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