8 June 1913

An explosion occurred inside E5's Main Engines, resulting in the death of one Officer and two ratings in addition: nine men were badly burned.

7 March 1916

Possibly lost off Western EMS (unknown cause)

At 08.10 on the morning of 7th March 1916 the German battle cruiser Seydlitz sighted a submarine north of Juist Island. The cruiser and her accompanying torpedo boats dropped depth charges but to no avail. A few hours later another German cruiser, the Regensburg sighted a submarine to the east, not far from a German minefield of the Western Ems. E5 failed to return from her patrol and it is believed that this was the submarine seen by the Regensburg near the minefield.


24 March 1916

Possibly mined in North Sea

On the morning of 21st March 1916 E24 sailed from Harwich for mine-laying operations at Helegoland Bight. The submarine failed to return from this operation and was believed to have struck a mine. In 1973 her hull was mistakenly salvaged, inspection of the hull indicated that the submarine had indeed hit a mine.


25 April 1916

Torpedoed in North Sea by UB18

On the morning of 25th April 1916 HMS E22 was on surface passage in the North Sea. At just after 1150 a torpedo fired from the German submarine UB18 struck the vessel sending her immediately to the bottom. Of the crew of 33 only two survived having been picked up by UB18 and taken as Prisoners of War.


2 June 1916

Lost in Baltic (unknown cause)

A torpedo attack by HMS E18 on 26th May resulted in the bows of the Destroyer V100 being blown off. Even though severely damaged the destroyer managed to limp back to port. E18 was sighted by a German aircraft off Memel on 28th May, and then by UB30 off Steinort on 1st June 1916. She was probably mined on or about 2nd June 1916 on route to Reval. The sighting was verified by German sources, namely the UB30 log book and the German naval history of war in the Baltic.


3 July 1916

Possibly sunk in Eastern Ems

On 2nd July 1916 a German Patrol boat reported a trail of oil on the surface just off the Ems that was thought to be emanating from a submarine. The following day German forces attacked a British submarine with both gunfire and bombs. This vessel is believed to be E26 as she failed to return from her patrol.


15 July 1916

Mined in Adriatic

On 15th July whilst patrolling off the Austrian Naval base of Cattaro, HMS H3 struck a mine and sank.