3 November 1914

Mined off Yarmouth

On the 3rd November 1914 a force of German battle cruisers commenced bombarding the town of Lowestoft. HM Submarines D3, D5 and E10 were ordered to intercept the enemy off Terschelling. While proceeding on the surface to the interception point, D5 struck a drifting mine and was sunk.


25 November 14

Lost off Borkum Island

On the 23rd November whilst returning to Yarmouth, in heavy seas, D2’s Captain, Lieutenant Commander A G Jameson was swept overboard and lost.

The following day D2 once again put to sea, this time under the command of Lieutenant Commander C Head. The submarine failed to return. It is believed that she was sunk on, or around, the 25th of November, following an encounter with a German Torpedo Boat.


4 January 1915

Presumed mined off Belgian coast

C31 sailed from Dover on the 4th January 1915 to patrol off Zeebrugge. The submarine was due to arrive at Harwich on 7th January, which she failed to do. No further contact was made and a search conducted by the Destroyers Lercher and Firedrake and the Royal Navy Air Service failed to locate the submarine or any survivors.


18 January 1915

Possibly mined off Heligoland Bight

On the 18th January HMS E10 sailed from Harwich for operations NNW of Heligoland. No further contact was made with the submarine after parting company with HMS E5 at 1950 on the evening of the 18th. It is believed that E10 was destroyed by an enemy mine.


17 April 1915

Ran aground in Dardanelles

On 17th April 1915 whilst attempting to run beneath the minefields guarding the Dardanelle Straits, HMS E15 was swept ashore by the strong currents. The submarine ran aground directly under the guns of Fort Dardanus. E15 came under heavy fire from the fort: - one shell killing the Captain, another hitting the vessels battery compartment forcing the crew to surrender. Many attempts were made to prevent the submarine falling into enemy hands and finally a torpedo launched from a picket boat put pay to Turkish attempts to re-float the submarine.


30 April 1915

Scuttled in Sea of Marmara

Whilst heading for a rendezvous with HMS E14 the Australian submarine AE2 encountered the Turkish torpedo boat Sultan Hisar. Having dived to avoid the torpedo boat, AE1 began an uncontrollable ascent to the surface, appearing a hundred yards from the torpedo boat.

AE2 submerged yet again this time in an uncontrollable dive. By going full astern the submarine once again surfaced only to come under fire from the torpedo boat. Once again the submarine entered an uncontrollable dive and once again full astern brought her to the surface. The Turks were waiting and a shell pierced the submarine around the engine room. No longer able to dive, the captain ordered all hands on deck and began scuttling the submarine.