Submarine Industry Association


Now in its third year, the Submarine Industry Association continues to be a vital part of the Saving HMS Alliance campaign. The Industry Association is supported by senior RN officers who both endorse the association and actively promote it.  We provide a platform for those in Industry to meet with those serving at the top level within the Royal Navy, under the banner of supporting the Saving HMS Alliance Appeal. Our annual dinner at Trinity House in London has become a key event for many of the Defence Industry’s key players. With only 45 seats available per year, it is a highly restricted and select group. As it enters its fourth year, the exclusive Submarine Industries Association continues to attract the highest calibre members, speakers and sponsors.


Being part of the Submarine Industry Association brings with it many benefits. They include:

  • An invitation to our annual black tie dinner which brings together senior members of the Industry Association with senior MOD and Submarine officers. The dinner will be hosted and arranged by the Submarine Museum. Past speakers have included Lord Digby Jones, Vice Admiral Sir Tim McClement and Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent.
  • Use of Royal Navy Submarine Museum Corporate facilities at a 35% discounted rate.
  • 20% discount on tickets used by members' employees


We are delighted that The Submarine Association 2013 is sponsored by:


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The Industry Association will be an unincorporated Association. A management Committee is elected to run the organisation on behalf of its members. Unincorporated Associations do not have to register with Companies House or the Financial Services Authority and do not have to submit annual returns. They can become a charity if they have a charitable purpose and make a successful application to the Charity Commission (if successful they would then need to comply with the regulations set by the Charity Commission). They may have trading or business objectives and conduct commercial activities. Unincorporated Associations cannot own property but can set up a trust to hold property and/or assets on behalf of the community they service. Unincorporated Associations do not have a separate legal identity which means that the where individuals sign up to loans and/or contracts carries the risk of personal liability. Personal liability means that the members of the management committee can become personally liable (both individually and/or collectively) for debts if the organisation is wound up.

Membership covers one calendar year from 1st April 2013 31st March 2014.

* Further places will be available for organisations that provide sponsorship for the annual dinner. There may be a cap on total numbers