Your visit to the Submarine Museum

"Easily the best attraction in the area...we’ll be back!” 

on the periscope best v3Come on board. Share the secret of living under the sea.

Visit HMS Alliance, newly restored after a £7m refit and ready for patrol! Assault all of your sense by walking on board HMS Alliance, the only remaining WW2 era British ocean going submarine.

Meet the crew...

Meet a submariner and hear his stories of living on board a submarine. Find out what it was like to face danger underwater, to share jokes in cramped conditions and how to feed a crew of 65 from a gallery the size of a broom cupboard.

“Almost made you feel part of the crew”

Dive, Dive, Dive Deeper

Go on board the very first Royal Navy submarine Holland 1, built in 1901 crewed by only 8 men and 3 mice! Peer in to X24, the only midget submarine to have survived from WW2.

“The best museum I’ve ever been to”


Share the Fun...

Try your hand at keeping a submarine buoyant, beat the enemy by playing our computer game and get to grips with the science behind a sonar ping in our interactive gallery. Find out just how smelly submariners were, the ghastly food they ate and how sub loos could turn into poo fountains. Have splashing fun with water, dress up as a pirate and play on board our yellow submarine or pirate ship in the indoor play area Busy Boats Bay. Open every day during schools holidays and weekends from June to September.

“My grandson loved it”

Share With Friends...

Relax with a scrummy cake, a frothy coffee or light lunch in our Harbour Stations Coffee Shop. Or simply bring your own packed lunch and enjoy our views overlooking Portsmouth Harbour.

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