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Meet the Crew… for a day out to talk about  


“I was enthralled…as were many of my neighbours who came on the coach” Visitor Feedback

"I was very impresses with the staff and organisation" Steve Hornby, Success Tours

For a day out to talk about, a group visit to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum is a must. Walk through HMS Alliance with one of our ex- submariner guides to hear their stories about living beneath the waves.

Only 10 people are required to make up a group, saving 20% on our standard prices at any time of the year.

The submarine is raised above the water with steps to her gangways. Inside she has been converted to allow easy access throughout. Holland1, X24 and LR3 and all the remaining galleries are also completely  accessible.

2016 Group Tours brochure

Coach Driver and Group Leader Incentives!

•    FREE entry
•    FREE Coach parking