Key Stage Two workshops

Find out more about our exciting Key Stage Two workshops below:

Listed below is an outline of each workshop and links to some resources that relate to each one.

World War Two above and beneath the waves!

 Handle a variety of real artefacts from the period. Find out what role submarines played during the war and what rationing was like. Dress up as a crew member from the World War Two submarine HMS Ursula but let's hope the suit is waterproof.

Click on these resources for this workshop:

World War two trail booklet

Periscope information sheet

The Science of Submarines!

Investigate how submarines dive and surface by working as a team to make a simple model submarine and then test it in the water. Understand what is really needed to make submarine work.

Click on these resources for this workshop:

How a submarine keeps buoyant

Science self guided trail

Making waves:

Find out about light waves, sound waves, radio waves, bubbles, sonar and Morse Code with fun and simple demonstrations. Investigate how periscopes work, try our wacky speaking tube and handle real submarine communications equipment.

Click on these resources for this workshop:

Wacky waves gallery trail                           

Morse code sheet                       

Draw the view from the periscope

Daring Deeds and heroric histories:

Exciting local history is bought to life through shadow puppets to tell the stories of submariner winners of the Victoria Cross and special secret missions on X-Craft. Prepare for a mission and try out the skills needed for such heroric acts.

Click on this resource for this workshop:

Daring deeds info sheet

Horrible Science of Submarines show:

Based on the popular series by Nick Arnold and Tony De Saulles, this fun interactive show reveals the strange stories and weird science of life on board submarines. Try our sinister sub toilet quiz. Could you stand the foul food and pesky pests on board?

Click on these resources for this workshop:

Horrible Science wordsearch