Key Stage Three and Four workshops

Find out more about our exciting workshops for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 below:

Listed below is an ouline of the workshops and some links to resources that relate to each one.

Cold War beneath the waves (History study day)

Investigate the topic using different sources including questioning the actual submariners who served during the Cold War. Get an entertaining whistle-stop reminder of some key events from the time.

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Eric Thompson Lieutenant Commander, Senior Engineer Officer  HMS Revenge 1976 to 1978 :

Eric Thompson's recollections

Jim Hugman -one of HMS Alliance's former chefs and Petty Officer Cook, HMS Repulse. Christmas Eve 1969.:

Jim Hugman's recollections

Martin Macpherson, Commander, The Teacher, November 1979 to July 1981.:

Martin Macpherson's recollections

Peter Chillcott, Petty Officer Medical Assistant, HMS Revenge, 1984.

Peter Chilcott's recollections

Peter Godwin,(Lieutenant, Supply Officer, HMS Courageous 1977-1982)

Peter Godwin's recollections

Cold War gallery activity sheet: activity sheet for students to use in the Cold War gallery, answer the questions by using the exhibition panels to see how Cold war submariners lived:

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Cold War questions for students gallery activity

Portsmouth harbour then and today resource: using this downloadable sheet, compare the scene today with what it looked like in 1952 during the Cold war. What is different and what is similar?

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Portsmouth Harbour Cold War photo

Time travelling rescue mission resource: download information sheets about HMS Scorcher, the submarine that your school has to help to locate.

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HMS Scorcher Info Sheet                                           

HMS Scorcher in Pictures

WW2 Above and Beneath the Waves:

Look at a range of sources including artefacts and images to see what life was like for people at the time. Decide how important submariners were in determining the outcome of the war. Do you agree with Churchill's view of them?

Dastardly Dive show:

This fun interactive science show uses a range of fascinating experiments to delve into such topics as density and displacement, withstanding pressure and surviving on a submarine.

The Science of Submarines:

Students investigate how submarines dive and surface, investigate different types of propulsion and control surfaces and try to solve typical problems by making and testing their own model submarines.

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How a submarine keeps buoyant

Science self guided trail


We can deliver exciting science shows and workshops in schools. It is perfect to complement a visit or a great way to experience something different in your school.