Saving HMS Alliance – Latest Update - Ducks and Lichen

Written by Bill Sainsbury on Monday, 24 September 2012. Posted in Blog


The stern section of the “A” class boats was affectionately known as the Duck’s Arse. There was not a lot left of Alliance’s arse so it has been carefully rebuilt using the old section as a template. Creating the multiple curves has not been easy. The contractors were worried about the bow but after the stern they think it will be far easier! We think they have done a superb job.



Most the of the vessel has now been blasted back to remove many layers of paint and rust. In the thinnest and most corroded areas the blasting guns have frequently blow clean through the weakened plate. One area we were concerned about was the gun tower just forward of the fin which appeared to be in a particularly poor state. However in the event it survived the UHP with no holes. In the picture you can see the gleaming aluminium shell plate of the fin which has also been blasted back. So it’s goodbye to a dozen different type of lichen that had covered the portside of the structure.   

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