Saving HMS Alliance - July News

Written by Bill Sainsbury on Thursday, 26 July 2012. Posted in Blog

Cutting and welding in the July Sun

Saving HMS Alliance - July News

Alliance’s free flood stern section was in a pretty sorry state and in the end it all had to come off with a view to rebuilding it from scratch. The picture show the new centre line plate been welded onto the bulk head of tank five with the stern torpedo tubes either side of it. The name of the game is to minimize the loss of original material and wherever possible to repair the old. We hope to preserve much more when we get to the bow.

Starting at the stern the casing has gradually been removed. The octopus like mass of the snort induction system is now revealed. Much of this 10 inch bronze tubing will be coming off permanently in order that we can properly preserve and inspect the pressure hull. However along with a number of other components we will be putting the tubing into storage. The view from the top of the scaffold over Portsmouth Harbour in the July sunshine is just stunning.

The base structure of the fin is now exposed and we are starting to think than rather than dismantling the fin into component parts we may detach it and take it off whole. The bets are off as to whether that can be done.

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