Phase 2 of HMS Alliance starts

Written by Bill Sainsbury on Friday, 01 June 2012. Posted in Blog

Free Jazz to celebrate phase 2

Phase 2 of HMS Alliance starts

We are delighted, here at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum with how the project is progressing. The first stage of building the coffer dam around HMS Alliance is near completion, so the second stage of conserving her body work can now start in earnest.

Sometimes it seemed like the filling in stage of phase 1 would never come to an end and that the end goal of saving such a historic submarine was never going to happen. But now, we are getting somewhere, as the scaffolding goes up and some of the casing starts to come off! 

The £6.75m conservation project to restore HMS Alliance is starting the second phase of conservation project. The first phase works which is near completion will provide access for low cost maintenance. Land underneath the submarine has been reclaimed and a cofferdam has been built to create a new, dry hard standing will allow access to the whole vessel for routine exterior maintenance and in th future give visitors the opportunity to view the underside of the hull.

The second phase which has just begun will involve stripping off Alliance’s body work to restore her to pristine condition as close as possible to when she served during active service. As much as possible of the original fabric of the boat will be preserved and like-for-like features and materials will be used.

A free jazz event on Sunday 10 June has been organised to celebrate the next stage. HMS Alliance was commissioned in 1945 so the jazz music will fit perfectly with the atmosphere that this historic submarine evokes.

HMS Alliance remains open for the summer, so visitors can still go onboard with a submariner to find out what life was like living under the waves.


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