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It’s all about the Bow!

Written by Bill Sainsbury on Monday, 05 November 2012. Posted in Blog

Saving HMS Alliance conservation continues.  With the amidships area and the fin out of bounds due to the grit blasting much of the action is centred on the bow. The first photo shows the top section of the steel brace that has been constructed to support the bow. We didn’t want it falling off before have had chance to survey it!  This upper section of the bow is the best preserved and some of it can be retained. The second photo show the dramatic wasting that has occurred to the scantlings lower down. The contractors are in the process of measuring the surviving structure so that it can be accurately rebuilt out of new steel. At the centre of the picture is the now exposed lower starboard torpedo tube. All forward bow tube doors have been carefully removed. Though structurally sound, the inside of the tubes are a bit of a mess. The guys on the job are drawing straws for who goes up them to clean them out.

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