HMS Alliance gets a New Soundtrack!

on Wednesday, 12 March 2014. Posted in Blog

sarah angliss 03.03.2014 compressedHMS Alliance ....the finishing tweaks.

Sound designer Sarah Angliss has been busy fine-tuning HMS Alliance’s soundtrack in order to capture the authentic sounds that would have occurred onboard the World War II era submarine.

Usually the idea behind sound design in museums is to isolate them and avoid sound bleeding, which is to say to avoid having them blur into one another. Onboard HMS Alliance however, sounds would naturally bleed with all manner of machinery, loud talking and various other things firing off all around. The trick therefore was to create a perfect balance between the sounds of individual compartments and the overall ambience throughout the submarine. And it is a resounding success –if you’ll forgive the pun-!

It is in the attention to detail that HMS Alliance’s soundtrack truly shines. One minute you’ll be drawn in by the familiar flick of a cigarette being lit.

The next, the chime of a bell will let you know that a telegraph has just been received. It’s a bit like being surrounded by ghosts...but not in a creepy way! These touches really take things to a whole new level of immersion! You people will love it!

Sarah Angliss said: “Working with volunteers has been a truly wonderful experience and it has been a privilege to bring their stories to life

Prepare to experience HMS Alliance as you’ve never seen, or indeed, heard her before on 3 April 2014!


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