Planning an education visit

How to book

When making a education booking to the Submarine Museum please have the following information ready:

Number of pupils and adults

Contact details including lead person

Choice of workshop

Preferred date

Specific needs e.g. mobility, allergies etc.

BOOK online now – please complete the online booking form.

For more information or to discuss your class requirements please call the Education department on 023 9254 5033 or email.

After Booking

You will receive confirmation, including an itinerary of the day.

Practical Arrangements & Facilities

You will need approximately 3 to 4 hours for a full visit. We can accommodate shorter visits if time is short.

Parking is FREE and ample.

Lunch time – We have an indoor space for pupils to enjoy their packed lunch

Toilet facilities are available close to the entrance and opposite HMS Alliance and next door to the indoor lunch area.

Gift Shop -   Goody bags can be pre-ordered from the shop

Preliminary Visits

To help with advance planning and preparation we strongly recommend that teachers make a preliminary visit to complete the required LEA Risk Assessment forms.   This visit is complimentary and should be booked through the Education Officer.

Health & Safety

In order to ensure the quality and safety of visits to the site, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum has established a full set of codes and guidelines covering all aspects of the business. These include Health & Safety policies, First Aid provision and Risk Assessments. For our latest risk assessments  please click on the following links:

Health and safety notes for tour of HMS Alliance: Health and safety notes for Tour of HMS Alliance

General Risk assessment for whole museum site: Risk assessment for whole museum site

General risk assessment for Busy Boats Bay and Learning Centre : Busy Boats Bay and Learning Centre risk assessment

Special Education Needs and Access Provision

Please discuss any special requirements at the time of making a booking so we can help you get the best from your visit. Please note that because of the historic nature, HMS Alliance is not accessible for wheelchairs. However our workshops and hands-on activities are designed to be as inclusive as possible.

After your visit

After your visit to the Submarine Museum and once you are back in the classroom, we would really love to know what you thought about our education service, about your visit to the RN Submarine Museum and more importantly how your topic is progressing.  

Please complete our simple online feedback form with a just a few points to help us monitor and improve our service.

If you have any pictures you can share of your topic or your visit please email them and we will share them here on this webpage.

What Schools Say about us

Newtown Primary School  (December 2013):

'One of the activities was going on-board HMS Alliance where we were given a guided tour by an ex-submariner. This was really exciting as he told us what life on-board a submarine was really like and we got to see the equipment, torpedoes and even the beds, which they had to share! Another activity was a tour of the museum, where we got to see a submarine and other artefacts from WWII, the museum was really great as there was lots of things to try and the Horrible Histories bit was really gruesome, especially the submarine toilet.

It was a great and educational trip and afterwards we wrote to the Submarine Museum Staff to thank them for it. Following this, Crystals class were invited back to enjoy a morning of investigation activities there which they also really enjoyed.

Siskin Junior School (November 2013):

'HMS Alliance was very interesting because our guide was called Jim and he had served on HMSAlliance. HMS Alliance can take 64 people and there are only 3 toilets! While we werethere we saw Holland I and X24, which arevery old submarines. We also went to the Learning Zone and we learnt how to make a Kayak. We also had to place a magnetic bomb on the bottom of a boat. It was a brilliant trip!

Emsworth Primary School:

On Thursday our year 3 class went to Gosport Royal Navy Submarine Museum and experienced life as a submariner and how it compared to being a pirate. They had a guided tour of HMS Alliance by a former submariner followed by a pirate workshop. They sorted objects into ones for pirates and ones for submariners and discovered that they had a lot in common! Then they looked around the interactive museum and through the periscope. Tai said ‘It was an awesome day because we got to go in a submarine’ and they all really enjoyed making their own Jolly Roger flags.

Ranvilles Junior School:

'Yesterday we had a school trip to the Submarine Museum – we learnt lots of exciting things about life on a submarine e.g. Submariners used to get a daily ration of rum from a barrell! This continued until as late as the 1970s! The men on board a submarine used to ‘hot bed’ it – when they had finished their shift they had to get into the bed of someone who was just about to start their shift – the beds were always hot! If you had an injury or an infection while aboard then there were not many options to treat you – you may have been extremely unlucky and had the infection/injury chopped off/cut out!! Yuck! -

Class 6K, Ranvilles Junior School visited November 2012

Bentley Primary School:

'The Children loved finding out how about all the horrible parts of living on board a submarine. They were fascinated to learn how different types of tinned food were mixed together into a disgusting 'pot mess', the difficulties of keeping clean without using water, and trying to keep cockroaches and mice at bay. But most of all they enjoyed discovering how the toilet tanks were emptied and the delights of 'blow-back' from the tank into the submarine ventilation system. The Horrible Science exhibtion utterly captured the children's interest and really helped them to grasp what a submariner's life was like in a fun, interactive and imaginative way'.

Harriet Langdale - Bentley Primary School Science Club Manager

The Wildern School, Hedge End:

'We really liked the science of submarine workshop experiementing with the buoyancy of the model kit submarines the pupils had to experiment with the ballast, motors and propellors'.

Corinna Payne - History Teacher - The Wildern School

Mayville High School:

' The tour of HMS Alliance was excellent! The museum has excellent facilities and friendly tour guides'. (March 2013)

Slindon Primary School:

'The children loved the interactive exhibits in the main area of the museum upstairs'. (March 2013)