HMS Alliance ready for patrol

Go on board Britain’s only surviving WW2 era ocean going submarine with a submariner to hear his stories about living beneath the waves. With new dressing, lighting, noises and even smells inside the submarine, as if the crew have just gone ashore, the visitor can take a time journey through every decade of the submarine’s service from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. Visitors can also peer through the working periscopes to view Portsmouth Harbour and meet on board a veteran submariner who will tell their own personal stories of working beneath the waves.  

On the time bearing plot

New facilities are also available. For visitors with mobility disabilities, a platform lift can take wheelchair users into the after-end compartment of the submarine and tailored audio guides of the tour of HMS Alliance will be available in foreign languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish) and for very young children.

This fascinating A class submarine was commissioned and designed in 1945 as WW2 came to a close for service in the Far East. She was launched in 1947 but is typical of the submarines that served throughout WW2. Alliance herself saw service throughout the Cold War years.

Outside of busy peak visiting periods such as school holidays, Guided tours are available, led by our experienced submariner guides who have their own individual unique take on life onboard. All of our Guides served in the Royal Navy submarine service and some even on HMS Alliance herself.  All tours must be booked in the Alliance Centre.