Nasmith VC - Page 4

The Return Journey

E11 Bridge

E11 had been on patrol for nearly three weeks when she again dived into the straits for the return journey, Nasmith feared the passage would be even more dangerous than the run up, the Turks would be looking for the British submarine that had done so much damage. Approximately an hour and a half after diving they heard a scrape against the hull and then the submarine started to behave strangely. Nasmith took her up 20ft and raised the periscope.

"the men were silent looking at him wondering what had happened....he couldn't possibly tell them what met his horrified gaze"
From "Dardanelles Patrol"

E11 had snagged a mine on her forward hydroplane and was dragging it along through the water. Nasmith said nothing to the crew and ordered E11 deeper. He went up in the conning tower and peered out through the tiny scuttles (windows).

"The water cleared as the mine was pulled under. It surged from side to side and swung down towards the conning tower. It was only ten feet away from the scuttle through which he was looking. He counted six horns sticking out of it"
From "Dardanelles Patrol"

The submarine dragged its lethal attachment right through the minefield. When Nasmith revealed their predicament to his men nearly two hours later it was to give a series of swift orders designed to dislodge the mine. Nasmith ordered full-a-stern, the mine and its cable slipped of the bows and plunged away beneath them. Minutes later E11's glistening hull surfaced into the sunshine of Cape Helles.

Nasmith crowded his men onto E11's conning tower to greet their escorting destroyer.

"cheers were still echoing of the cliffs at Helles, for it had spread like wild fire in the British lines about the fabulous E11 whose exploits had been read to troops in daily bulletins, had returned safely".
From "Dardanelles Patrol Epilogue"

The Turkish Steamship SS Bospherous sinking